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Do you like Itunes but also hate bloatware? then songbird is for you!
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Songbird is a multimedia player with synchronization functions based on Mozilla Firefox engine, in fact we may say that it is a really good group of applications because it has a tabbed web browser and player for browsing songs and uses VideoLan engine for multimedia, Videolan is a well known player commonly called VLC that includes its own codecs; last but not less,SQLite provides support for song libraries.

On 0.6 Songbird version, the first thing you will notice is an improved stability and response time in functions like instant search, clicking on tabs and scrolling song list. All of this is with a lower memory consumption.

Another improvement is related with data syncronization between (there are still work pending on Iphones and Ipod touch) Ipods and others portable media players and your computer, also a new bigger song library supports up to 10.000 titles.

I recommend you to download and test it yourself, it really has a good interface - yeah I know, it looks like Itunes - but still have interesting plugings , for example: Mediaflow which is a poor rip off for Coverflow but still have a brilliant future on the open source community hands.

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  • Support big song libraries.
  • Consume less system resources that lastest Itunes versions.
  • Functional and Proven user interface
  • Multiplatform
  • Open Source program


  • Need improvements for Iphones and Ipod Touch
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